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Widely considered to be the best education system in the world, to study in USA is a dream of majority of students in Pakistan. Whether trying to make it in “the big Apple” New York or basking in the sun of California, students have a wide array of university options available to them.

Whilst it is a common perception that SAT is a compulsion for students seeking to gain admission in the US, the reality pertaining to the matter is slightly different. Not all universities have an SAT requirement and some highly ranked institutions are following the policy of “SAT Optional” or “SAT Flexible.” Furthermore, the US education system in general requires students to complete 120 credit hours to graduate. On average, students take 15 credit hours per semester, which equates to 30 credit hours per year, hence ultimately leading to the completion of a student’s degree in 4 years. However, the US education system allows for greater flexibility than any other system in the world, and students are free to choose their desired credit load per semester. That has led towards several students graduating in 3 years as well.

Home to several globally ranked and reputed institutes, including those mentioned in the top 10 US university rankings below,students from all walks of life are catered to in the US.

(Source: US News)

The complete rankings of all US institutes can be found at the following website:

US News

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