The process of “Empowerment” starts with a one-to-one counselling session of students with one of our qualified team members. In this session students identify their requirements and preferences along with their academic performance to our counsellors so that student profiles can be created.

A tailored working on shortlisted universities is then shared with the students, based on their profiles. Parents are encouraged to join in for another meeting to ensure uniformity in decision making and to take the case forward.


The second stage of the “Empowerment” process is the Applications stage where our dedicated admissions team takes over the respective cases of each student from their assigned counsellors. The team is responsible for filling out the application forms, providing assistance in writing supplements and personal essays. Alongside, all documents and submission materials are scrutinized by the team to confirm that all criteria are met for each particular university. Our team also assist students in refining their extracurricular activities.

This stage is where Team Empower truly shines as we ensure that students get true value for money when availing our services.


After submission of applications, students are redirected towards the selection stage where the assigned counsellor of each student assists them in finalizing a university amidst all offers. This stage is where the involvement of our Chief Student Officer comes to the fore as his expertise ensure that students and parents make well informed and accurate decisions.


Also known as the Visa processing stage, our thoroughly trained team takes over the cases of each student. A document checklist is provided to each students to make sure that documentation process is smooth. After reviewing, our team assists students in filling out their visa application forms and scheduling their visa appointments accordingly. The final step of this stage is preparing students for their visa interviews, in countries where such interviews are a requirement. Our CEO personally handles all visa interview preparations so that no stone is left unturned, and students can proceed to their actual interviews with confidence and clarity.

Finally, after the visas of our students are approved our CEO provides each student with a pre- departure briefing so that students do not face any problems upon their entry into their chosen destinations. All in all, Team Empower prides itself on providing high quality services and that has been a primary reason as to why the firm has enjoyed an astute reputation in a short span of time.